Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty that is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of oral diseases in children from birth to adolescence.

We have a highly qualified pediatric dentist in A Coruña to cover any need that a child's mouth may need.

Care of the baby's mouth should be done in the period of breastfeeding with a series of appropriate measures after each milk intake. With the appearance of the first baby teeth until complete replacement by the final teeth, the child's oral hygiene should continue to be monitored.

Oral health care should also be performed on the pregnant woman, a mother with a healthy mouth will have a child with a healthy mouth, therefore caring for the mouth during this period and breastfeeding will protect the baby's mouth.

At the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic we carry out a complete study of the mouth identifying the susceptible factors, as well as early treatments to maintain the balance of a healthy mouth. If there is already a pathology, we perform the restorative treatments necessary to restore that health balance and give the patient instructions to continue with the long-term equilibrium achieved. Patient´s collaboration is very important since the patient will have to follow some guidelines and make a series of changes in habits that protect oral health, ideal supplements for clinical treatment.

Working as a team, the clinic and the patient will maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

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