Balance the scientific nonverbal communication course

On 9 and 10 September, Sonia el Hakim gave two courses of nonverbal communication in Pardiñas Clinic Foundation.On Septermber 9th and 10th a double course of nonverbal communication was held at Pardiñas Clinic Foundation. Both courses were taught by Sonia El Hakim, an expert on the subject.

On September 9th, the course of "Scientific Nonverbal Communication" was held. This course was exclusively directed to health professionals and discussed the importance of this type of communication in the relationship with patients. The aim was to assist health workers to better connect with their patients through small gestures such as how to greet, posture, touch and understanding. The speaker discussed about taking care of these details when talking with patients, beign this way easier to connect with them and understand them better. In addition to an interesting theoretical training, attendees had the opportunity to put into practice everything learned through group exercises. This course was attended by 30 professionals from various health sectors such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and psychology.

On September 10th, the training of "Negotiation and lie detection" was held, aimed at anyone interested in the subject. This course was a great success of attendance, attracting 60 people in the morning and 40 in the afternoon session.

All attendees were fully satisfied with the courses, largely thanks to the spearker. Sonia El Hakim López has a degree in Business Administration and a Master in Science Communication Nonverbal. For 20 years she worked in the direction of small and medium companies, but ended up leaving this work to focus on personal and professional training, with special interest in the field of nonverbal communication.

For Pardiñas Clinic Foundation is a real pleasure to continue offering high level courses for professionals. We will return with new training opportunities soon.

Balance the course of scientific Nonverbal Communication

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